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Best Concrete Contractor in Lewisville

We are the top concrete contractor in Lewisville for a reason. When you hire us to complete your concrete project, we follow a specific strategy to examine the site and your requirements in order to formulate the optimal plan to get you the best results. We don't cut corners and we don't skimp. We create a written plan showing exactly what we'll do so you know exactly what to expect, with no guesswork. You don't have to worry about whether we'll take care of this detail or that detail, because it's written in the plan. After the plan is complete, our professional concrete masons get to work using the right equipment and the best techniques to complete the project safely and efficiently. If we discover a problem, we fix it on the spot to keep your project on time and on budget. Our end goal is to deliver spectacular results so you never have to wonder if you hired the right concrete company for the job. We'll have no doubt we accomplished an excellent job, and you'll have no doubt you made the right decision to hire the best concrete contractor around. We do things right, the first time, every time. Our customers depend on us, and we depend on them to tell their friends. The better a job we do, the greater the chance that when their friends need concrete work, they'll give us a call. Give us a try, you'll be glad you did!

Here is a list of the major services we offer:

  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Foundations / Footers
  • Resurfacing Concrete
  • Concrete Repair
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Commercial Concrete

Some of the reasons we're the top concrete contractor in Lewisville are we don't use substandard materials, and we don't cut corners.  We do it right the first time, every time, because that's how we would want a contractor to treat us.


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Why Choose Us?

Initially, it takes a bit of faith to hire a concrete company you have not used in the past. We take that very seriously, and we make certain that we honor that by taking excellent care of our clients. Second, at Pearland Concrete Contractors, we drive ourselves to maintain the highest quality standards at all times. We do our very best to eliminate all potential mistakes, however if we do slip up, we make it right. Third, some other contractors could be interested in doing the minimum required and taking off as quickly as possible, however we're a lot more interested in trying to keep clients forever. Lastly, by combining outstanding rates with exceptional work quality, we take great pains to guarantee you never have a reason to look anywhere else. We have a reputation for doing the job right the very first time, on schedule and on budget. We focus on two things: your complete satisfaction, and putting out excellent quality of work. That's what makes us the very best concrete contractor in the area!

Our Services

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are a fantastic addition to any kind of property. They are durable, long-lasting, and require no maintenance. Another benefit is that concrete stays cooler than asphalt in the summer. Concrete used to be offered in only plain white color. however we currently offer several colors and styles for you to pick from to provide your residential or commercial property a much more custom-made look. A brand-new concrete driveway adds value and visual appeal to your home or office that will certainly last for years.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios or concrete slabs are great for permanent utility mounts or for creating really nice, long-lasting outdoor areas for you and your family that you can appreciate year-round. We can help you craft just the right size and can also make a personalized shape for an open-air kitchen area or sitting area like around a firepit.  The right concrete setup can make all the difference when it comes to having an outdoor sitting area for friends and family to enjoy.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have come a long way in the last two decades. Our technicians can produce any type of concrete floor you may need, either textured or smooth. We can create highly polished concrete floors in virtually any color for a stunning custom look as well that's far more durable than hardwood. We always have concrete available in multiple strengths, so whether you're constructing an office or a garage that needs to hold large vehicles, we have actually got the perfect concrete for your floor.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Concrete Foundations / Concrete Footers

Our professional concrete masons can pour just about any kind of foundation or footers you want, no matter if you're constructing a multi-story business office facility or parking garage all the way to putting in a mobile home or trailer. With numerous varieties of reinforcing available, we've got precisely the right one you need for virtually any particular application. A polished concrete floor could be the right maintenance-free floor for your next garage.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing comprises laying a slim layer of brand-new concrete atop old concrete and bonding them with each other. To provide your existing concrete a new look, we can resurface your existing concrete. Old, worn concrete can look much better with a brand spanking new appearance. Our specialists can transform the texture, the color, and also add patterns to provide a completely new look or just to provide it a fresh new appearance. Concrete resurfacing is a cheaper choice vs replacing an old sidewalk or patio.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Concrete Repair

Concrete can last for centuries, but eventually concrete can crack for a variety of reasons, from improper installation to ground shifting or even from severe impacts. You can remove and replace the broken concrete, but cracked concrete can oftentimes be repaired for a fraction of the price of replacement, so don't wait to get your damaged concrete fixed. The longer you let the damage go unrepaired, the more the damage can spread and the more expensive it can be to fix your concrete.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Decorative Concrete / Stamped Concrete

Are you tired of the same ordinary white concrete everybody else has, or maybe you're planning on putting in new concrete? Think about decorative concrete! Between the multitude of patterns and colors available, stamped concrete can really provide you the look of various other types of surfaces while maintaining all the excellent durability that concrete has to offer. By incorporating different concrete colors and/or patterns with each other, you can create a totally personalized appearance to your concrete.

Lewisville Concrete Contractors

Commercial Concrete

We have been completing commercial concrete work in the local area for years. Our company focuses on safety while making sure that the work gets done on time as well as on budget. We have experience with multi-story multiple building complexes as well as parking lots. If you need a bid on a commercial concrete job, we're ready for you. Call us for all of your commercial concrete needs.

More About Us

When you choose a concrete contractor, whether it's for a foundation or for stamped concrete, many people are searching for 2 points: 1 - A company with the equipment and qualifications to technically get the job done well, and 2 - A contractor who is dependable, and will truthfully do right by you rather than merely seeking a quick dollar. There's a reason one of our main means of advertising is word of mouth, and that's simply because we back up our word, and we treat people how we would want to be treated. It's that type of customer relationship that has kept us in business throughout the years in Lewisville when countless others have failed. We work really hard to keep in mind that this job is about more than just concrete; it's about people, and we really enjoy being able to complete another concrete project knowing we've made yet one more happy customer.

What Our Customers Have To Say


Excellent Quality

We had a new concrete floor poured for a room we added to our house.  After it was colored and polished, it looks fantastic!  It's the perfect floor for my new paint studio.  The color gets my creative juices flowing, and paint wipes up easily!  It's the best thing we could have done for this space.  I definitely recommend a polished concrete floor from Lewisville Concrete Contractors!

Katherine R.



We had to reschedule having our new outdoor kitchen built twice, but Lewisville Concrete Contractors worked with us to find a date that worked for us.  Once we finally were able to get started, they showed up on time and did everything they said they would do, without adding any hidden charges.  It was such a relief to find a contractor that honored their word and stuck to their quote.  I recommend this company to all of my friends in the area who are envious of our new outdoor kitchen.

Mike G.


Great Value

I'm so glad we called Lewisville Concrete Contractors.  These guys had the best price out of the 3 contractors we called.  Concrete lasts forever, so we really wanted to make sure it was done right by a dependable company, but didn't want to pay more than necessary.  Our new driveway is perfect!  We added some decorative concrete highlights and it looks gorgeous.  These guys are highly recommended.

Jane W.